Pokémon Go Tips

I've been playing Pokémon Go for a while now and will share some of the useful things I have learnt!


Initially you can find Pokémon around your house using WiFi but you will eventually need to venture out if you want to catch them all. When you get to explore the world outside check you live in an area that has good mobile phone reception (i.e. you receive a decent 4G or 3G signal). Most towns/cities in the UK where I live do which is great.

In the original release of the game (V1.0.0) there was the Nearby Indicator in the bottom-right of the screen can be useful too. When you tap on that you will see all the Pokémon nearby and also how close they are to you which is indicated by the number of Foot Prints underneath. For example, a Pokémon with one foot print is closer than one with 3 foot prints. Unfortunately this feature has been removed in the most recent version, probably due to a lack of accuracy. Hopefully Nianitic will get this sorted and re-instated into the game.

Most Pokémon under 100 CP can be caught with plain old Poké Balls usually on the 1st or 2nd attempt. The higher the CP value, the more balls you will need to throw to catch the beast. You can use Razz Berry to weken the Pokémon to make them easier to catch.

Later on you will find Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls that make catching Pokémon with high CP values easier. Poké Balls can usually be found at Pokéstops and also in the shop. The Great Balls, Ultra Balls can only be found at Pokéstops or by increasing your trainer to a new level you may receive additional balls.

Catching a Pokémon will gain you 100 experience points (XP), which can be double if you have a Lucky Egg activated at the same time.


An important part of the Pokémon experience is the evolution of Pokémon and the XP the player gets from this. Pokémon can be evolved through the use of Candy specific to the type of Pokémon being evolved. For example, to evolve a Squirtle into a Wartortle you will need 25 Squirtle Candy. Squirtle Candy can only be used with Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise and not with any other Pokémon.


Candy is used to power up a Pokémon to make them stronger and to also evolve certain Pokémon to allow you to catch all the rare evolved creatures. Different Pokémon use different Candy, for example, Pidgy Candy cannot be used with a Pikachu.

Candy can be earned by catching Pokémon. You can also earn Candy by assigning a Buddy Pokémon which allows you to earn Candy by just walking around. The number of KM's needed to walk in order to earn a single piece of Candy can seem quite a lot but is useful for getting Candy for a rare Pokémon if you're prepared to do walking!

The best way to earn Candy is to hatch an egg. Of course it is random which Pokémon you will get out of an egg but the amount of Candy you receive is significant.

Eevee Evolutions

Eevee can be evolved based on it's nickname as folows:

  • For Flareon, name it Pyro
  • For Vaporeon, name it Rainer
  • For Jolteon, name it Sparky

Pidgey Exploit

A good way to earn XP quickly is to use what is known as the Pidgey Exploit. To evolve a Pidgey into a Pidgeotto you only require 12 Pidgey Candy which is much less than most Pokémon require to evolve and for your trouble you will receive 500 XP. Thankfully too, Pidgey's are easy to find in the wild so it is fairly easy to catch a mass of Pidgey's, evolve them and earn lots of XP without doing much work. Catching a single Pidgey will gain you 3 Pidgey Candy so you can evolve a Pidgey by catching 4 of them. You can also transfer unused Pidgey's to the Professor to earn 1 extra Pidgey Candy.

As well as using a Pidgey to gain XP quickly, you can also do this with Caterpie and Weedle. So if you come across any of these they make a great catch for use later on when you have enough candle to evolve them.

Remember too that you can double the amount of XP you receive if you have a Lucky Egg activated at the time you evolve your Pokémon. What I tend to do is to use a Lucky Egg and then evolve as many Pokémon as possible to maximise the effects of the Lucky Egg as they are not easy to come by unless you buy them in the shop and they last only 30 minutes.

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